Awards and Milestones

By holding on to our motto “grow, grow, grow” we have build Ambitious People Group up to
what it is now: an international recruitment organization consisting of four recruitment brands.

With these four recruitment brands we have achieved the following awards the past 7 years:


Ardekay opens an office in Frankfurt

Four Life Sciences is our 4th brand

Ardekay Antwerp opens an office in Antwerp


FD Gazellen 5 times in a row

High Growth Award

LMH is going International by opening an office in Antwerp

Ardekay has a second office in Germany. Munich opens its door

LMH opens a office in Düsseldorf


FD Gazellen Award

High Growth Award

Ardekay is going International by opening an office in Düsseldorf

LMH opens a second office in Rotterdam

SAM is going International by opening a satellite office in Antwerp


FD Gazellen Award

High Growth Award

LMH Engineering is our third Recruitment label.


FD Gazellen Award

High Growth Award

Ardekay is our second Recruitment label.


FD Gazellen Award

High Growth Awardshighgrowth-mail


The High Growth Awards is the podium for the best growth companies in the Netherlands. This award distinguishes itself by evaluating the quality of growth, not just quantity. An independent jury of experts and entrepreneurs determines who belongs to the top of the best growth companies in the Netherlands.

How does the High Growth Awards work?

The participating companies need to exist for a minimum of three years and have past well beyond the start-up phase. They are led by entrepreneurs who have the necessary business experience and want to grow in quality as well as quantity. After registration, there is an interview scheduled with experts from Rabobank and Grant Thornton. A report is made of this conversation and a regional jury will judge the entries based on the six-growth themes of the Port4Growth Growth Model. After the regional judging the nominees will be announced in early November. In November, a national jury will present the final regional and national winners. Their judgment is based on growth, strategy, profile of the entrepreneur, future prospects and finances.


The High Growth Awards is exclusively for growing companies with at least 10 employees, a turnover of at least €3 million and an average sales growth of at least 10% over the past three years.

FD Gazellen Awardfcgazellenhandtekening2016


The FD Gazelle Awards are prices which the “Het Financieele Dagblad” (part of FD Media Group) gives to the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

The main criterion is a sales growth of at least 20% over a period of three years. There has to be a continuous sales growth over the three-year period and in the first year, a turnover at least € 100,000 is required. The last year the net result should be positive and in the two years previous years the company can have a maximum of a one year loss. The companies have to be economically active over the whole three year period.

In addition, the companies are required to be financially healthy. The financial health of a business depends on several factors. Three important factors herein are (a) the ratio of equity to total assets, (b) the ratio of debt to equity, and (c) working capital.

Excluded are companies in the following categories: empty holding companies, energy companies, health and safety services, franchisees of big chains, subsidiaries of foreign companies that aren’t autonomous and do not operate under its own name, pension funds, developers, investing / speculating institutions and financial holding companies.

Companies are ranked by province and divided into three turnover classes. The format is as follows:

  • Turnover class small: € 100 000 to € 2 m ln
  • Sales of medium class: € 2 million to € 30 million
  • Turnover class large: € 30 million or more

The ranking of the revenue group is based on the revenue in the first year of the period. The reason is that the first year is the basis of revenue growth.